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RPG Stuff

1 Feather Fail (variant spell of Feather Fall)This is just a place where I intend to bring together some of the RPG stuff I’ve done (please see the tabs above).

At the moment this site is a bit of a dumping ground (sorry). At some point I intend to bring some order to it. The WYSIWYG page editor is quite primitive, so I may need to bust out my rudimentary HTML skills …

Thanks for visiting

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At the moment, I’m mainly pimping this:

:: The Master’s Hoard

TMHA System Neutral Collection of (quirky) Magic items.

Hopefully most of the items in this (free) download are fairly original.


:: Maze & Pursuit

Maze & Persuit v2A simple game where a player tries to escape a Maze and to evade a Hunter.

It also might work as a simple mechanic for chase rules in RPGs.