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If you’re like me and get excited about giant insects, labyrinths and/or procedural mapping/navigation, then this free adventure is for you:

Carapace Cover

The adventure is written with AD&D (1e) in mind, but of course would suit any D&D variant. The adventure centres on the exploration of a maze-like giant ant colony located near a remote town. The main thing that makes this adventure different are the three tools used to generate/navigate labyrinths, i.e.:

:: The first option is a simple point crawl generator, e.g.:
C m1

:: The second uses a conceptual (map-less) ‘Labyrinth Move’ based mechanic, e.g.:C m2

:: The third is also a map-less based method, but this time using a 2D6 Hex-Flower navigation system (inclusive of chase mechanic), e.g.:C m3

There are some NPCs (with associated plot hooks linked to the ant colony), random monsters tables, random ‘dungeon dressing’ tables, and a map of the area surround the giant ant colony, e.g.:

c Hive AreaWell that’s about it … I would give more details, but since the document is free to download on DriveThruRPG I’ll keep this post relatively short.

A short positive review by Trey Causey can be found on his blog: Link

Since G+ is going away, please feel free to share this post on whatever platform you have migrated to …
c Ant

8 thoughts on “Carapace

  1. Anne

    Thanks for sharing this! I’m excited to give it a read. I always like seeing what new ideas folks have for procedural dungeon generation, and I have to admit, procedural insect hives sound particularly interesting to me.

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