The fate of half-baked ideas …

wolf moonI had this half-baked idea inspired by (or at least building on) someone’s half-baked idea. I wanted to post my thoughts on G+, and see what other people thought, and to see where the idea might end up. If anywhere.

Most of the most interesting ideas I’ve seen (and had) have come about this way on G+. I’ve shared silly ideas that I nearly didn’t post, only to see them evolve into really interesting things. At least in my opinion. There have been duds too of course.

But, it seems G+ has now shut off notifications, and so has in essence killed off the engine that facilitates active discussion.

Post it here? I just can’t see any value in making a blog post about the seed of a seed of an idea; and the rate of any discourse is going to be glacial at best.

MeWe it? I’ve found MeWe to be like a busy nightclub. You can try to have a discussion, but it never seems to work. The proprietor seems to want to encourage certain behaviours, but lengthy inter-customer discussion does not appear to be one of them. The nested comments just seem to (and perhaps are intended to) strangle off any meaningful discussion.

Reddit it? The life span of any discussion is so short (posts even close – Why, What?). And all this voting up and down doesn’t seem to be helpful if you have a niche idea … The ideas I like most are often not the most popular ideas circulating in the OSRZeitgeist . I can only imagine Twitter is even more temporal than Reddit.

Faceb … I can’t even finish it

So what now …

I suppose this post is merely a howl at the moon …. Aruuuuuuugha

4 thoughts on “The fate of half-baked ideas …

  1. Michael Julius

    I’m still banking on MeWe to at least stay connected. It may yet bloom after there’s no recourse. Small assurances, sure.

    I thought maybe Reddit, too , but in use, I feel like a byline. Twitter is for half thought ideas screamed into voids and screams echoing back.

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  2. Jeffrey Boyd Garrison

    MeWe has some “growing” to do… it doesn’t handle “discussion” threads well at all, you are absolutely right there.

    Also, MeWe mods seem in the majority to err too much on the side of throttling all contributions and in the process of “protecting” their groups from spam (or whatever it is they think they are guarding against). The Facebook solution would have been to just make another group and watch the people migrate from the more stifling groups with a grin, but MeWe’s user base (and it’s engagement level) are too thin as yet.

    I myself never really liked G+’s handling of discussion, but, not that notifications are off… it’s pretty much done like you say.

    I haven’t experimented much with Discord yet… I always liked the old ProBoards message boards before the age of “social media” …those have serious nostalgia for me.



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