Hex Power Flower – All at Sea!

This is not a map!

MadKingChristopher on G+ came up with this nice Ocean Mapper Hex Power Flower (HPF), which is a nice idea. It seems the ‘MadKing’ earned his crown once more, and got there before me as I was working on something like this!!! The island in the middle of the flower is a nice touch.

19 hex power flower Ocean terain.png

If the roll takes you to L1 (the top most hex), then proceed to the center, or (S)pecial location of Goblins Henchman’s Hex mapper. 

I’ve taken the liberty of reproducing (one of the versions of) my Hex Terrain mapper engines below:

NotForeverPlains update simple no arrows

If you’ve got no idea what this post is about, the below links give some context:

imagined journeyHere’s a link to the original posting about using the 19 Hex Power Flower as a Hex Crawl Engine:
HPF – What the Hex’s Next?


8hfThis is a link to more kinds of 19 Hex Power Flowers (with some being quite silly/fun):
Hex Power Flower (HPF)


3hfThis is a link to the ‘theory’ (or at least rational) behind this idea:
2D6 + 19-Hex Power Flower



Edit: As some have asked, I made a template Hex Flower. Please let me know if it is useful (and/or needs changes)

– – –

c AntMe on DriveThruDriveThru; at the moment I’m mainly pimping my procedural adventure ‘Carapace‘ about a giant ant colony.

2 thoughts on “Hex Power Flower – All at Sea!

    1. Goblin's Henchman Post author

      I’ve seen Hex Flowers around. But, to the best of my knowledge, I added the weighted 2D6 mechanic (to give the flower a sort of probability stratification), with wrap around edges (to give a wildcard element).



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