Tuesday Toot!! | VotE Cave Generator

Tuesday TootG+ is closing. When it was alive things happened. Things unexpected. Great things. Whilst my creative output is only modest, I thought I’d hold something up into the living light, something that came about purely because G+ existed … This is a toot to G+.

Over the last two or so years, I’ve discovered how versatile Microsoft Excel can be at making game content. Here is an Excel widget I made and posted on G+. The widget is a Cave Generator for Patrick’s Stuart’s Veins of the Earth:

Veins of the Earth Cave Generator 101
xls Download  YT To do

You can run this as a standalone Cave Generator, or it can be used to check you are using Patrick’s dice method ‘correctly’ before game night!

Related, and if of interest, here’s an Excel adaptation of Skerples. ‘Veins Crawl’ (for Vein’s of the Earth), which is presented as a single sheet in Excel:

Veins Crawl 101      Veins Crawl 102
xls Download  YT Demo Video

:: Some other interesting RPG things Excel can do ::
Excel can be used to present module information in super compact fashion (How-to-Guide); used as a simple dungeon mapping program (Video Demo); and to make a surprisingly flexible Hex crawler (Video Demo). 

:: Google Sheets ::
Sadly, Google Sheets does not have the same level of functionality as Excel (I wish it did). 

– – –

c AntMe on DriveThruDriveThru; at the moment I’m mainly pimping my procedural adventure ‘Carapace‘ about a giant ant colony.

James V West Gexit
“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more”
Fight on dear Gexit
(drawing by James V West

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Toot!! | VotE Cave Generator

  1. Davide Pignedoli

    I didn’t have the chance to try this one, but I am regularly downloading your Excel files!
    One day I’ll find the time to look under the hood and study your work…
    Keep it up with these files! They are a great resource

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Goblin's Henchman Post author

      Glad you like them.

      Knowing that people find them useful is a great encouragement.

      Since they are hobby work only, and evolve as I make them, they can be a bit inscrutable!! This one is not toooo bad! But, only yesterday, I wondered how I got the D6s to give proper opposite faces e.g. 6 is opposite 1, 5 is opposite 2, and 3 is opposite 4 – a pure brute force method!! I’m sure a ‘coder’ could have done it neatly!!

      Thanks for the comment!


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