Hex Power Flower – Weather

This is an interesting take on the Hex Power Flower idea.

It was posted on the For Glory #1, The Hexanomicon Kickstarter by Ariel Churi ; which of course must be filled with great stuff if this didn’t make the final cut …


I’ll defo be watching for any future KS!

I like the latency of the 8, 9 option (will need to ponder this some more), and the instructions are super clear (better than mine!).

I’ve had the idea of doing a weather HF, but probably one closer to my ‘In the Heart of the Sea‘ procedural adventure:

InHotS the cover image

However, that said, Ariel Churi’s HF looks great and is simples (aside from the DCC D7’s!).


If you’ve got no idea what this post is about, the below links give some context:imagined journeyHere’s a link to the original posting about using the 19 Hex Power Flower as a Hex Crawl Engine:
HPF – What the Hex’s Next?8hfThis is a link to more kinds of 19 Hex Power Flowers (with some being quite silly/fun):
Hex Power Flower (HPF)3hfThis is a link to the ‘theory’ (or at least rational) behind this idea:
2D6 + 19-Hex Power Flower


Edit: As some have asked, I made a template Hex Flower. Please let me know if it is useful (and/or needs changes)

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6 thoughts on “Hex Power Flower – Weather

  1. IC VanWyhe

    Do d6 + d8 instead of the d7s. Adjust the numbers for which direction to move to account for the new distribution (https://anydice.com/program/174d)… or don’t. Whatever works for you.

    I ran across someone do a similar hex based weather table on some blog a few years back, but I seem to have lost the link in a reformat.

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    1. Peter Cobcroft

      Weather always seems to be assumed at temperate latitudes and spring or autumn. Either there should be zones in hexes for latitude and season, or separate flowers. Or possibly just symbols and different legends. On a side note, only some areas of the earth have four seasons, just like some areas of the earth have longer periods of light and dark.

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      1. Goblin's Henchman Post author

        In ‘ItHotS’, I originally had a temperature HF. These temperatures were phrased in terms of a relative scale to the current season, i.e. “unseasonably” hot/cold etc. So unseasonably hot for winter was probably still colder than unseasonably cold for summer. I dropped it to fit the whole thing on one page (and for simplicity).

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      2. Peter Cobcroft

        Currently looking at climate on wikipedia – the Köppen categorisations are pretty interesting. There’s good example cities listed for each type as well, so it might be an idea to have “here’s the range if you want the area to be like [suchandsuch city/country]” – that said though, it’s not really relevant to sea travel.

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