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1980’s Dungeon Map (never played)| Old Map in old binder

Found this old map (and dungeon notes) in my old 1980’s binder. It never got played (reasons), but I thought the map would be fun to share here:

Dungeon Map late 80s

(The penciled map was a bit hard to see, so I added a darkening filter)


PiscodaemonThis dude (a Piscodaemon; MM2 page 30) wants the PCs to teleport into the dungeon (hidden in a well) and retrieve a guarded magic item/artifact and return it to him. Promises PCs ‘rewards’.

He plans to use the item/artifact to start a rebellion in the Hellish planes. 


1988 Dungeon | I have previous
If the above map is of interest you, then perhaps check out my fully ‘restored’ AD&D (1e) 1988 dungeon:

1998 Original map

Link to video review and discussion

image_preview Link to PDF of the fully stocked ‘1988 Dungeon’.

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Face Folio | the 180 concept sketches are now all in …

This is just a little preview of all 180 concept sketches for the ‘Face Folio‘ Kickstarter (100 PC/NPC portraits for your RPG game), which funded last year as part of Zine Quest 2:

FF sketches all in

This set of sketches has now been narrowed to 100 portraits (a difficult job), and Marcin is working on the full art version.

Our priority is the KS backers, but the longer term plan is to have this product available as a PDF and in hard copy form (perhaps a limited print run). 

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