Random Social Interaction Hex Flower Generator

Download a (readable)  image_preview .pdf version

I’ve been interested in making a random social interaction generator for a little while, perhaps part of a random mystery generator. Lot’s of ideas but nothing concrete. So, recently, I saw a few things that made me think of this … it might need some work, but I figured I’d put it out there and get some feedback.

The main idea is to use a Hex Flower (HF) as a frame to hold NPCs in place and then use rules to link them. So, in this case the HF is doing something a little different to my ‘normal’ HFs.

I had a go at typing this idea up in WordPress’s ‘WYSIWYG’ editor, but life is too short for that. So, here is an example of a social Interaction HF generated using this method, taken from the pdf document:

Random Social Interaction Hex Flower dt

Of course, people are free to create social interaction types that fit their game.

So, could this be done just using normal random tables – sure. But, I quite like that the information is presented visually as a sort of flow/information diagram.

If you want to see how this is done here’s a screen clip of the template, but a more readable and fuller  image_preview .pdf version is PWYW on DriveThruRPG.

Random Social Interaction Hex Flower Generator Cover page

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Me on DriveThruDriveThru.

7 thoughts on “Random Social Interaction Hex Flower Generator

  1. dferg

    I like this idea. Maybe this is where you are going with the idea? —>

    You can leverage the memory feature of the HF to simulate (emulate?) the PC’s relationship with the NPC. PC can spend “points” to to try to influence the relationship as you’ve shown in other examples. It also occurs to me that you can use a HF to simulate the relationship of one political unit to another.

    You, very interestingly, characterize the HF as random number generators with a memory. But you know what else they are? The HF are rudimentary AI’s. Especially when they simulate NPCs.

    My apologies if you’ve stated any of the above in other venues. Not trying to pass off my thoughts as original. You do have me thinking though….. Thanks for that! 🙂

    I have a few other thoughts I’d like to share with you on HF. I am sure that you are very busy. I’d love to gain your feedback. Would you have time to read my (hopefully) briefly stated thoughts if I post them here? Is there a better arena?

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    1. Goblin's Henchman Post author

      Hi @dferg – all interesting stuff.

      I did start with the idea of a more procedural evolving NPC-NPC relationship HF, but went with something more static, using the HF as a sort of frame to generate a visual map of randomly generated relationships. I like to try different ways to use these things. In this case there is a sort of non-return mechanic baked in. However, I did make this HF (when I first started developing this idea; and so it is probably far from perfect), which is probably closer to what you describe: https://goblinshenchman.files.wordpress.com/2018/11/social-encounter-engine-hex-flower.png

      I agree that HFs could be used as AI’s. Someone on G+ did use a HF once as an AI for enemy units in a table top war game. Sadly, this was lost when G+ closed. I’d quite like to make a HF for a solo game to be the ‘monster AI’, will do at some point (probably). My morale tracker is the closest thing to that currently.

      I’ve made a few mini-games e.g. a procedural ‘trial by jury’, ‘take the town temperature’ and ‘In the Heart of the X’ series HFs etc., and hence these have a sort of AI baked in. I’ve always thought HFs could make the basis for a fun board game, maybe throw in a deck of cards to generate encounters etc. They could even be used as the basis for a computer program, but it might be simpler to start from scratch!!

      Glad I’ve got you thinking on this front … I learn new things about HFs every time someone kindly takes the time to tell me their ideas.


      Happy for you to post them here, but perhaps email is better – goblinshenchman ‘at’ gmail ‘DOT’ com


      1. JAPartridge

        Somewhere I have a paper of a researcher constructed a program that would generate a relational node network and simulate those sort of relational realignments. Interesting stuff. I’ll see if I can dig it up.

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  2. Brian Reeves

    Came upon this idea through a Piazza post. Now I’m wondering how one could use a Hex Flower for RPG chases…


    1. Goblin's Henchman Post author

      Interested to see the Piazza post link.
      I think chases would work well using HF.
      I’ve done a few pursuit-like mechanics using HFs, but still interested in doing a pursuer and perused chase HF.



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