Hex Flower Demo | ‘Trial by Jury’ mini-game

In this video we play test my ‘Law & (In)Justice’ Hex Flower. Basically a trial by jury mini-game:


Jump to 35:50 to get to just the Hex Flower bit.

Link – You can get to the PDF of this Hex Flower here:


I get quite a few questions about how (my) Hex Flowers work. Fairly recently I uploaded some videos to YouTube where I play test these HFs with accompanying diagrams:

Complete Playlist – as above, but including all the actual plays e.g. boss fights etc.


Of course, this is not the only (or best) way to use HFs. This is just me testing HFs on a pal that has never used them before.

Background – what’s a Hex Flower anywho? A Hex Flower (HF) is like a random table, but with a memory.

Hex Flower Cookbook – where I discuss Hex Flower Game Engines and some background and possible uses

– – –

Me on DriveThru; at the moment I’m mainly pimping my procedural:
:: High Seas ‘Hex Crawl’ – In the Heart of the Sea,
:: Wilderness Hex Crawl – In the Heart of the Unknown,
:: Dungeon/network generator – In the Heart of the Delve & Dangerous

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