Grimbo Grotto | Christmas Farcical Horror Oneshot

T’was the night before a crisp mass snowfall and nothing was stirring,
except a drunken ‘potty-mouthed’ were-reindeer high on psychedelic mushrooms

image_preview PDF


'Rude Olf' by  James V West

‘Rude Olf’ – thanks to James V West  for letting me use this image –

 Deer  Were-reindeer cult

Deer Neurotic gnomes running a clandestine psychedelic mushroom harvesting operation

 Deer Candy Cane Golem

 Deer Gift Wrapping Monster

 Deer Mimic Presents

 Deer Giant Putrid Gravy-Spewing Undead Turkey

 Deer Tree Ent Christmas Tree hostage


Adventure Preview:

GG preview

Some reviews:

Christmas tree  1 x Blog:

Santa Claus  2 x DrivethruRPG:

Deer  Also Judges Choice winner for the Reddit OSR X-mas (Santa Panic) one page dungeon contest

PDF Download
A better more readable version of this can be downloaded from here (along with the original 4 page version of this adventure): image_preview  Grimbo Grotto

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