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Face Folio | Deck of Cards

I recently tried an experiment, making poker cards with the Face Folio images, and I think it worked out well:

image_6487327FF Card 1

There a 50 cards, with a portrait on each side of the cards – so 100 images (plus 1 card with ‘Face Folio’ printed on both sides).

  • Useful in TTRPG gaming
  • NPCs, PC, rival PC parties etc.
  • Compact – fits neatly into any gaming/convention bag.
  • Makes a neat at-the-table tool – cut the card and find a NPC etc.

If you are interested in these, then here is a link (with some preview images to look at):

>> LINK <<

I’ll just add that these are printed in the USA, so postage outside the USA is expensive (I know, I ordered this proof set sent to the UK!).


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