(NEW) Print on Demand x 4 | .. add them to your physical library ?

My recent Kickstarter has finished and as a result I now have 4 Print on Demand (PoD) products available. Add them to your physical library ….

PoD x 4

Two are on game theory:

Hex Flower Game Engines Cover           FGtRTDCover

Hex Flower Cookbook    and   Field Guide to Random Table Design

The other two are Hex Flower based adventure material

Carapace           ItHoO - cover

Carapace        and      In the Heart of Oz 

… Oh, and while you are at it (and paying postage), maybe throw in Face Folio?

FF Cover

Face Folio

– – –

Me on DriveThru; at the moment I’m mainly pimping my procedural:
:: High Seas ‘Hex Crawl’ – In the Heart of the Sea,
:: Wilderness Hex Crawl – In the Heart of the Unknown,
:: Dungeon/network generator – In the Heart of the Delve & Dangerous

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