Downloads & Collaborations

The amount of stuff I have on DriveThruRPG has increased quite a lot, so I thought I’d make a summary page here:


1988 Dungeon

Carapace   copper

Flooding Complex

PC & Classes

Class Ideas 1e

Rubik’s Cube Character Stat Generator

Session Zero – ‘Consequences-Style’ Background Builder

The Master’s Hoard

Hex Flower self-help

Hex Flower Cookbook – overview & some thoughts on Hex Flower Game Engines   silver tab iii

Hex Flower Template

Hex Flowers

Combat Morale Tracker – Simple Hex Flower Engine

In the Heart of the Delve and Dangerous – Procedural Network/Dungeon Crawling  copper

In the Heart of the Sea – A Procedural High Seas ‘Hex Crawl’   silver tab iii

In the Heart of the Unknown – Procedural Hex Crawling Engine   silver tab iii

IT Came from Below (or Above) – Hex Flower 3D Tracker

Law & (In)Justice – A Procedural Trial

Mythic-Style Hex Flower Chaos Emulator

Race & Class Hex Flower Generator

The Gambler | a ‘bolt on’ class for the daring-do classes; a class heavily influenced by Luck & Superstitions

Mapping (in Excel)

Simple Excel Mapper   copper

H’Excel Crawler – a random ‘hex crawl’ map generator using Excel

IsoExcel | Pseudo-Isometric mapping in Excel

Isometric map template in Excel

Mapping (not in Excel)

Battleships Dungeon – A Procedural ‘Grid-Crawl’ method of making a dungeon using ‘Battleships’ as a template

Point Crawl Template


Draw an Icosahedron by Hand – Simple and Stepwise


Veins of the Earth compatible Excel Random Cave Generator


Various collaborations with people, these mainly from G+ (… when it existed)

An Invitation from the Blue Baron and The Return Of The Blue Baron  – dungeons

Doodle Maps 01 – a location idea in Evlyn Moreau map (was on Lulu but not now)

Ford’s Faeries – bestiary   copper

Glorpy! – OSR role-playing material

Hobbs & Friends of the OSR #B – encounter competition

Lamentations of the Vampire Princess pt. 3 – Metamorphosis – vampire mutation

Let’s make the Death House fun again – collaborative scary/weird room

The Halls Untoward – dungeon   silver tab iii

Touch of Class ‘Infiltrator’ – collection of themed classes

Weird Wayfaring –  hexcrawl

& Magazine

A list of articles that I have had published in & Magazine (when that noble magazine was published):

Issue 11 – Leah Cim Disk of Altered Alteration; pages 58-71

Issue 12 – Can’t Remember The Name, But The Fangs Look Familiar; pages 35-39; xls Excel widget

Isssue 13 – Brown Elves – Player Character Race; pages 7-10

Issue 14 – Ability Checks: Are You Doing It Wrong?; pages 29 to 35

Issue 14 – Making the ‘God Call’; pages 35-40; xls Excel widget