Magic Items

Bringing together a list of magic items I’ve posted on this blog:


  • Amulet of Unseen Minions | summon weak force or a mass of forces – blog link
  • Baton of Three Strikes | can capture and store up to 3 spells – blog link
  • Blackstone’s Bracelet of Cauterised Cutting | cut without drawing blood – blog link
  • Blade of Blinking |user ‘blinks’ when an adversary is hit – blog link
  • Bottle of Misadventure | player miss ‘game night’, PC goes in here – blog link
  • Flutter-by of Misdirection | used to distract a sentry or guard – blog link
  • Garb of Fast Changes and Filching | allows for a swift change in attire – blog link
  • Globe of Futures Forestalled | gives a player a chance to undo an event – blog link
  • Helm of Sound Sight | see with sound and not light – blog link
  • Hosiery of Ten Steps | magical socks allows wearer to project footfalls – blog link
  • Oil of the Arcane | oil makes ordinary weapon magical for a time – blog link
  • Peaster’s Cylinder of Alchemy | a magical money changer – blog link
  • Platter of Phantasmal Food | emergency source of food – blog post
  • Portable Pocket of Pickpocketing | steal from a bag of holding – blog link
  • Pouch of Offensive Coin | coins placed therein acquire offensive quality – blog link
  • Ring of Alignment Kind | can manipulate alignment detection attempts – blog link
  • Shield of Corroding | turns bladed weapons to rust – blog link
  • Stick of Thorns | sword with thorny vines to entrap the target – blog link
  • Studs of Wonder | part amour part bomb – blog link
  • The Tickler | a sword partly in the etheral plane – blog link
  • Troll Jawbone Axe | dripping with corrosive bile – blog link
  • Zerten’s Bitter Pearl of Spellfusion | a bad day for magic-users – blog link

The above magic items are released under this license: