A collection of things I’ve made and put on DrvieThruRPG, all of which are free/PWYW:

:: 1988 Dungeon
This is one of the first dungeons I ever made way back in 1988, when I was a teenager. So, it’s about as Old Skoool as it gets … not in an OSR sense, but in a “I’ve made a dungeon who wants to play” kind of way. If you’re looking for understandable/sensible dungeon ecology, themes, plot, and balanced encounters etc., then you’ve signed up for the wrong adventure!  It’s 1e AD&D, and I’d say for PCs at about 3/4 level. Update: an independent video review –  Link

:: Carapace
An adventure is written with AD&D (1e) in mind, but of course would suit any D&D variant. The adventure centres on the exploration of a maze-like giant ant colony located near a remote town. The document provides 3 ways in which the labyrith-like maze could be explored. Update: Playtest report – blog link

::  In the Heart of the Sea (Latest) 
In the Heart of the Sea is a procedural High Seas ‘Hex Crawl’. I made this thing for the 2019 One Page Dungeon Contest, because I figured there is a ‘need’ out there in RPG-land for a procedurally generated sea-going adventure. This is my take on it.  Basically, there are three ‘game engines’ in the form of a Hex Flower. One engine drives navigation and encounters. The other two are related to weather and conditions.  Each day you determine what happens using the last day’s result. So, it is sort of like a random table but with a memory.

:: Rubik’s Cube Character Stat Generator
A way to generate character stats using a Rubik’s cube.

:: The Master’s Hoard
System Neutral Collection of Magic items.
Hopefully most of the items in this free download are fairly original and are often accompanied by a quirk or two!

Collaborative works

Various collaborations with people, these mainly from G+ (… when it existed)

:: Ford’s Faeries – A collaborative bestiary

:: Doodle Maps 01  – Contributed a location idea to this collaborative work by Evlyn Moreau

:: An Invitation from the Blue Baron – A collaborative dungeon

:: The Return Of The Blue Baron  – A collaborative dungeon

:: The Halls Untoward – A collaborative dungeon

:: Hobbs & Friends of the OSR #B – An OSR encounter competition

:: Glorpy! – A collection of OSR roleplaying material

& Magazine 

A list of articles that I have had published in & Magazine:

:: Ability Checks: Are You Doing It Wrong?
& magazine #14 – Animal Companions
pages 29 to 35
Compares the D20 method to the 3D6 method for making an ability checks.

:: Making the ‘God Call’
& magazine #14 – Animal Companions;
pages 35-40
A game mechanic for characters praying for divine intervention.

xls An Excel widget doing the same can be found here:

:: Brown Elves – Player Character Race
& magazine #13 – Character Races!;
pages 7-10
Drow and surface elves join to make a new elven race with a unique outlook.

:: Can’t Remember The Name, But The Fangs Look Familiar
& Magazine #12, – Inns, Taverns, & Way Stations!;
pages 35-39
The idea behind this article is to give characters a chance of recognising a monster, based on its frequency and then modified by the class, intelligence, race and experience (in broadly that order) of the character. This monster recognising ability is intended to be most useful to low level magic-users with only a limited number of spells, and who still wants to contribute to the group in a non-combat role.

xls An Excel widget doing the same can be found here:

:: Leah Cim Disk of Altered Alteration
& Magazine #11, – Humanoids;
pages 58-71
Leah Cim Disk of Altered Alteration is a magic item that is intended to place an importance on spell components.  Some of the variant spell components are deliberately obscure and are designed to offer adventuring and/or roleplaying opportunities. The magic item is deliberately powerful, and is intended to be a quest-type item. The article also offers some  plot ‘hooks’ for a wider adventure.