HPF – Social Encounter Engine

Social Encounter (using  2 x 19-Hex Power Flower Engines)

The aim here is that:

  • The PC (i.e. the persuader) is trying to get to the top of their Hex Flower before the person being persuaded (the 3rd party) gets to the bottom of their respective Hex Flower (i.e. they runs out of patients/attention span etc.)
  • To ensure the ‘engines’ are not purely random, there are points associated with CHR (Charm Points), INT (Logic Points) and WIZ (Inutution Points), that can be spent by the PC to influence the social encounter.

The engine presupposes that the person being persuaded needs persuading!

Link to pdf: https://tinyurl.com/yc3y5h6f


Social Encounter Engine Hex Flower

More applications of this idea can be found here.

Edit: As some have asked, I made a template Hex Flower. Please let me know if it is useful (and/or needs changes)