HPF – What the Hex’s Next?

This is not a map!

This is just a funny little tool I made for generating the ‘Next Hex‘ depending on the Hex you are already on. I’m secretly hoping IKEA-esk, it can be worked without instructions. Also, here is a great online tool prepared by G+ user neuzd. More applications using this idea can be found here.

What Hex’s Hex tool:


Here’s perhaps a clearer version of the tool:

NotForeverPlains update simple

… or this one?

NotForeverPlains update simple no arrows

… or perhaps this:


Here’s a sample run (before the tool was tweaked):

imagined journey

MadKingChristopher on G+ came up with this nice ocean mapper Hex Flower which looks neat:
19 hex power flower Ocean terain.png

If the roll takes you to L1, then proceed to the center, or (S)pecial location of Goblins Henchman’s Hex mapper.

An island in the central hex is a nice touch!

– – –

Edit: As some have asked, I made a template Hex Flower. Please let me know if it is useful (and/or needs changes)