Excel – Widgets

A collection of RPG related spreadsheets I’ve made. They all work, but all need varying degrees of refinement. Download, play with and let me know any feedback you have!

Edit: The mapping Excel widgets have been moved here.

Explore an Giant Ant Hive (system neutral)

Hive 101
xls Download  YT Demo Video  image_preview  .pdf

Appeal for divine intervention – Making the God Call (AD&D)

God call 101e
xls Download  YT To do

Monster spotter – Can’t Remember The Name, But The Fangs Look Familiar (AD&D)

Fangs 101b
xls Download  YT Demo Video

Star Wars Mission Generator (system neutral)

SW SC 101a
xls Download  YT To do

Cave generator (Veins of the Earth)

Veins of the Earth Cave Generator 101
xls Download  YT Demo Video

Veins Crawl (Veins of the Earth)

Veins Crawl 101      Veins Crawl 102
xls Download  YT Demo Video