Dice & Mechanics

Game Mech Comp

Bringing together a list of game mechanic based ideas that I’ve posted on this blog:



  • 2D6 + 19-Hex Power Flower | a versatile gaming engine – blog link
  • Ability Checks are you doing them wrong? | Dies, Dies, and Statistics – blog link
  • Composite die from two dice | make new dice from existing dice, e.g. D16 – blog link
  • In the Heart of the Sea | a High Seas Procedural ‘Hex Crawl’ – blog link
  • Non-Homogenous Random Tables | More from random tables – blog link
  • Procedurally generate a point crawl | e.g. for a giant insect colony – blog post
  • Rubik’s cube character stat. generator | not for the purist, but fun – blog link
    • Rubik’s cube revisted | deeper down the rabbit hole – blog link
  • Uno | an initiative system – blog link