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My ‘Metal Best Sellers’ on DriveThru | My most useful stuff ?

Recently a bunch of my stuff has become ‘Metal Best Sellers’ on DriveThruRPG, and some of it has moved up a tier from ‘Copper’ to ‘Silver’. Truth be told ‘In the Heart of the Unknown’ is about three paid sales from going ‘Electrum’ (which would be new territory for me).

I’m a hobbyist so the raw money is not a big driver for me. I find ‘Metal Best Sellers’ status helpful as it lets me know what people like enough to give me money for, and hence helps me understand what people find most useful at the table. This helps me make new useful things.

Therefore, this is in theory my most useful stuff:

Electrum tab
Metal Best Seller on DriveThruRPG

In the Heart of the Unknown – Procedural Hex Crawling Engine

ItHotU - cover


silver tab iii
Metal Best Seller on DriveThruRPG

In the Heart of the Sea – Procedural High Seas ‘Hex Crawl’

InHotS the cover image

In the Heart of the Delve and Dangerous – Procedural Network/Dungeon Crawling

ItHoTDnD - cover image

Hex Flower Cookbook – Overview & some thoughts on Hex Flower Game Engines

Hex Flower Game Engines Cover

Carapace – Procedural Adventure



Metal Best Seller on DriveThruRPG 

Combat Morale Tracker – Simple Hex Flower Engine

Combat Morale Tracker - cover image 2019

:: Law & (In)Justice – A Procedural Trial Hex Flower

L&IJ Cover Image u

Simple Excel Mapper

DMG map in Simple Excel Maper

‘Near Copper’:

:: Hex Flower Template

:: Mythic-Style Hex Flower Chaos Emulator

:: IT Came from Below (or Above) – Hex Flower 3D Tracker

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More of my stuff on DriveThruRPG: