Pouch of Offensive Coin

:: Pouch of Offensive Coin ::


Pouch of Offensivye Coin

:: Summary
Coins placed in this accursed pouch acquire an offensive illusionary quality, making spending the affected coins nearly impossible. The enchantment/illusion is not visible to the bag owner. Only charitable use can remove the illusion.

:: Detail
The pouch (perhaps money belt) is well made. It often has a bawdy scene embroidered on the outside in silver thread and the phrase:

“If money be the root of evil, then least be charitable the shoots therefrom”

This pouch acts like a small bag of holding, but for coins only. Bigger items are rejected by it. Coins placed in the pouch will appear to disappear, as if falling down a long dark well, but these coins can be readily retrieved again.

To the owner of the pouch, the retrieved coins will appear bright and shinny as if newly minted, as if cleaned by the pouch. The affected coins will look more valuable.

However, the coins will appear completely different to anyone potentially receiving them in payment/gift.

The coins are now covered by an illusionary-like veneer. The illusion adapting itself to be as offensive as possible to the potential recipient. The illusion has the ability to catch the eye of a potential recipient, even in low light.

The illusion might contain a vulgar image, perhaps of a body part, it might look like it is covered in blood or faeces, it might contain a blasphemous image, unholy symbol, libellous, unlucky portends, or simply look like the coinage of a mortal enemy (e.g. Drow coin).

Basically, anyone except the truly emotionless will be offended by the affected coins.

At best the potential recipient will angrily refuse payment, ask the character to leave, or might even become violent.

The recipient will of course assume the payer knows what offensive image lies on the coins. Denial will likely offend the potential recipient even more.

The illusion can only removed when the coins are freely given/spent in charity. melting the coins causes them to explode atomising the metal so as to be substantially unrecoverable.

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