IsoExcel | Isometric mapping in Excel (sort of)

UPDATE – Luna Gin has kindly written a macro that adds the walls in automatically! Macro and non-macro versions are in the Dropbox to play with.

Reality check 

This idea is not going to make you the next Michael Prescott. But, it’s a simple way to generate a pseudo-isometric map using Excel, e.g.:

IsoExcel Map Dusty Door

The above map is based on an adventure written by irrepressible Shane Ward.

Two mapping ideas in as many days! But, to be fair, this one is only a matter of cell resizing and shading in 3 colours (4 if you count the background). The idea came when I saw a Reddit post linking to this page. It’s only a short jog from their ‘The Mephitic Laboratory Of The Pescamancer‘ map to my IsoExcel idea. I also borrowed the colour scheme, which looks like a good one.

I’ve added my usual pop-ups to make it a super compact dungeon.

Template and demo video

You can download the xls Excel Widget here and wizz off maps that look like the above fairly easily.  Here’s a brief video demo:


Google Sheets

I think this should work in Google Sheets, and when I get a moment, I’ll make a template.

– – –

1988 Dungeon


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