One Page Dungeon Contest 2019 | In the Heart of the Sea

This is my first attempt at the “One Page Dungeon Contest”. Clearly, it won’t win!

I made this entry because I figured there is a ‘need’ out there in RPG-land for a procedurally generated sea-going adventure. This is my take on it:

:: In the Heart of the SeaA Procedural High Seas ‘Hex Crawl’

Please see below. A PDF version can be downloaded for free here: ItHotS

InHotS the cover image

Underlying mechanic explained a bit:

– – –

More of my stuff on DriveThruRPG:

9 thoughts on “One Page Dungeon Contest 2019 | In the Heart of the Sea

  1. Peter Cobcroft

    I love this. Came across it via a post on the gauntlet forums and love how you’ve split three areas of generation out into the flowers. It made me immediately wonder on how it can be used for perilous wilds type journey generation, and having modifiers for the different hex flowers (ie the particular role for the journey may use the skill roll you adjust the random hex of a particular flower relevant to their role in the journey by a certain amount, say a hex clockwise or anti)

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    1. Goblin's Henchman Post author

      Hi Peter

      Glad you like it, and good idea. The first Hex Flower I made was this:

      i.e. a random terrain hex generator.

      I think going back and making a wilderness encounter engine (akin to ItHotS) would be a good idea.

      Thanks for the comment

      PS the ‘Maze & Pursuit’ HF might also interest you, as it has a bit more player agency, with acquired ‘points’ spent to alter the outcome ?:

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      1. Peter Cobcroft

        Yep, read them and like them already – very inspiring. I like the Perilous Wilds concept to give a party individual roles to do while making a dangerous journey (as high fantasy is far more wild west than it is medieval with its hundreds of years of roads) – which gives all the players something to do when going from A to B and their actions effect the party. So I’d make specific flowers for each role (as roles are chosen at journey start and are not linked to character classes/playbooks).

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