Flip the table – random dungeon; random encounters, and faction tracking etc?

I’m not even sure what kind of book this is:


… but, I think you know the drill, flip the panels and you get this:


Then this got me wondering … has this concept been used for random dungeon/wilderness generation (probably):


It could also be used like a random table to generate parts of whole:


It could also be used as a faction tracker:


Please forgive the crappy mock-ups!

That’s it.

– – –

InHotS the cover imageMe on DriveThruDriveThru; at the moment I’m mainly pimping my procedural High Seas ‘Hex Crawl’ – In the Heart of the Sea, and my procedural Wilderness Hex Crawl – In the Heart of the Unknown.

9 thoughts on “Flip the table – random dungeon; random encounters, and faction tracking etc?

  1. alonein thelabyrinth

    I’ve always called it an “exquisite corpse” book, because the originals work very similarly to the game of the same name. It has tonnes of potential in generative RPG material.

    A few months ago I suggested this format for the print run of “Gardens of Ynn”: it would be perfect for that as one could have locations on one panel and details on the other, I even made a trial copy using a ring binder. Cavegirl seemed taken by the idea but who knows!

    Have a look at “Cent mille milliards de poèmes” by Raymond Queneau which applies this principle to poetry. He was part of Oulipo, a kind of maths-literature hybrid art movement: I steal a lot of ideas from them!

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      1. jameshutchings516093738

        I can’t find anywhere where you can buy it, but it was called Exquisite Corpses, was by Stefan Poag (www.stefanpoag.com), and he put out a version and then Lamentations of the Flame Princess put out a version. I’ve checked the LotFP site, but it wasn’t on there, so I suppose it’s out of print.

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      2. Goblin's Henchman Post author

        Interesting. With respect to monsters, I have sort of seen the monster picture idea before as part of a visual ‘consequences’ game variant, but not the idea of a text version of a monster build.

        From my internet search, I’m not sure the LotFP thing ever came out … could be wrong!


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