2022 | end

Got a few things done in 2022

2022 Stuff

Slightly amazed that I now have 48 products on DriveThruRPG with an average rating of 4.6 stars Check out my stuff here (most of it is PWYW): goblinshenchman.wordpress.com/downloads/

10 Most viewed blog topics

1   Hex Flowers
2   Excel – Widgets & Mapping
3   Field Guide to Random Table Design RPGs
4   Analogue ‘Fog of War’ hack … | jigsaw over map
5   Hit Points replaced with ‘Usage Dice’?
6   Advent(ure) Calendar | 24 Days of Festive Dungeoneering
7   Solo RPG idea | Sticky labels with QR codes
8   Wolframs’ 4 colour Theorem
9   Caterpillar Method for character Stat Generation
      …. last but not least
10 Did I invent the Depth Crawl (first)?

10 Best sellers (where people paid money) on DriveThruRPG:

1    Face Folio (zine & playing cards)
2    Hex Flower Cookbook
3    In the Heart of the Unknown
4    In the Heart of the Delve & Dangerous
5    In the Heart of the Sea
6    In the Heart of Oz
7    Field Guide to Random Table Design in RPGs
8    In the Heart of the Eternal Forest
9    Hex Flower Template
10  Carapace

10 Most downloaded (including free downloads) on DriveThruRPG:

1    Hex Flower Cookbook
2    In the Heart of the Unknown
3    Weather Hex Flower
4    In the Heart of the Delve & Dangerous
5    In the Heart of the Sea
6    Field Guide to Random Table Design in RPGs
7    Hex Flower Template
8     In the Heart of the Eternal Forest
9    Combat Morale Tracker
10  Face Folio (zine & playing cards)

10 Most viewing countries (just for interest sake):

2022 country

Thank you (from wherever you hail) for stopping by my blog to look at all this nonsense.

!! Happy New Year !!

3 thoughts on “2022 | end

  1. Goblin's Henchman Post author

    Plan … that would be a fine thing!!

    These are on my radar!

    :: Carapace finally in PoD
    :: Maybe a few Maus Ritter adventures
    :: Cave, City, Underwater Hex Flower “crawls”
    :: Like to write a mystery adventure
    :: Face Folio II/2 (we have about 80% of concept sketches left over from FF I/1)
    :: Add sketches to my ‘1988 Dungeon’



    1. Shane

      Have you ever thought of using color as a variable in your charts and tables?
      You might get more bang for your buck by assigning the three dice a primary color (Red, Yellow, and Blue). If we define white as being made up of all colors, we label the basic 3d6 roll that determines as White. So now we have a 3d6 roll which has 3 different values (of 1-6) buried in it with which we can attach random special effects.
      You could combine the primaries to create secondaries, each of with a different distribution. Orange could be adding red and yellow together to give us that weighted distribution. Green can be the lowest value of yellow or blue, giving us a sharply declining chance of success. Purple cold be the multiplying of red and blue to give us that chaotic and potentially explosive result.
      I suppose that the opposite of the 3d6 of white could be just reading the numbers in order (ROYGBIV, but in our case Red, Yellow, Blue), which we could designate as Black. And we could add the last in there as gray, which would be to read the dice from lowest to highest.



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